Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Haiku


          Voices crying out
     Pain, frustration, fill the air
         Fear striving to win

            I cannot listen
     Cannot let hatred take me-
        I watch swirling leaves

       Wind makes a whirlwind
     Of yellow, red, and orange
          While I am sobbing
         I cannot see the wind
    Or chart my own breath's pathway
        Yet I know both are real

            Nor can I see love
     Or hate- yet I know their fruits-
             Tangible and real

            Can cruelty win out?
       Hatred of others triumph?
                 Not if I say NO
           So I walk Love's path
        But stagger, feeling all alone-
        Please reach out your hand

          Grab hold, my dear friend
          Form a wall of daring love
             Hatred cannot breach.
                     Love wins.


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