Saturday, August 1, 2015

Morning Scribblings...

Sometimes, when I put pen to paper, nothing comes. But at other
times, I am pleasantly surprised and the words just flow from my
heart... like this morning.

Eyes wide shut...
Sitting on the blue loveseat in my living room
listening to classical music
coming from the radio
in the next room
lulled and cooled by
the gently-oscillating fan,
I am suddenly overcome by weariness,
my eyelids growing heavy,
as I am drawn toward sleep,
my body weighted down with the torpor
caused by too many sleep-disturbed nights.
I had intended to read a bit
and write, to attend and pray,
but all my good intentions
are coming to naught as
I succumb, and my eyes close.

change of life...
My daughter has been in deep despair,
her spirit grieving over
her daughter's move to
the other side of the country.
This separation feels complete
to her, a rending of the cord
which has linked them fully
for these many years.
Now the link has shifted to
a husband, a partner who is
sharing this new, exciting
chapter of grad school and
living in LA, the future stretching
wide with possibility before them...
while on the Eastern Shore of
North Carolina, amidst the dunes
and barrier islands, my daughter
is beginning to wipe her tears,

to refocus her life, to resurrect
the gifts and beauties buried
within celebrate
the Blue Moon with a group of
friends with whom her heart is live anew.

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