Monday, June 1, 2015

Written while Synod Assembly

no answers...
Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Questions float to the surface
     of my mind perpetually
only to be shoved aside by
     still more questions...
          and surprisingly few answers
It is the state in which
     I find myself most often...
     walking on unstable ground
     amidst the shifting mists of time...
Past, present, future melding together
     into the inseparable mix
     of Eternity

nothing more...
There is nothing more that I can do,
nothing more that I can say.

Here I am
just as I am
being who I am
           because I know no other way
Being true to this singular self
          true to my experienced truth
          true to all the dreams and visions
               I can see from day to day

Here I am
just as I am
being who I am
          and so I will surely stay...
                until I see another way

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