Thursday, March 26, 2015

Live and Let Live...

Battle lines being calling and prejudices and
the failure to see in the human beings around us our similarities 
rather than just our differences...states like Indiana passing 
laws to justify injustice, to codify the many ways we separate 
ourselves...while prisons are filled with young men of color and
LGBTQ folks are held at arm's length by those who convince 
themselves that they- and only they- have the right to decide 
who has been created in the image of God.

just live!
Moral certainties make my hair
stand on end, make my teeth hurt,
especially when expounded
by those who seem to thrive on drawing
battle lines & boundaries…
whose goal seems separation & one-upmanship
instead of reconciliation & compromise.

Absolutes invite hypocrisy, as we have so
often seen among the ‘famous’ of our day,
as revelation of another’s feet of clay is
met by judgment, anger, and buoyed by
a sense of superiority in those whose own
human faults and foibles have yet to be
Life, my friend, is messy & confusing,
and far too short to make it about
‘either-or’, ‘for-against’, ‘us or them’…
no ‘one size fits all’ garment covers
every situation…no simple set of rules
applies- unless it is the ‘rule’ of love.
For life’s complexity demands our openness…
our acceptance of people different from
ourselves…our willingness to change our
minds & hearts when living proves us
            Improvise, Life cries. Create! Imagine!
            Just LIVE!
                  And let LIVE.

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