Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cheap Gas-at What Price?

I must confess that purchasing gas at $2.04 per gallon has been
giving me a frisson of delight lately, helping to stretch my Social
Security monthly "raise" of $29 for 2015 just a little bit further.
And as I'm trying to be truly and deliberately frugal this year in
order to save for a 2016 trip to Africa, most likely my last to that
beautiful and much loved but far-away place. So one part of me
is rejoicing, truly relishing the money saved.

But another part of me- the responsible, environmentally-
concerned part, the part that cares deeply about the care of this
benighted planet which is our home- can't help but ask what
the price of these low prices really is. The proposed Keystone
pipeline, fracking, expanded off-shore drilling all have or will
have a detrimental effect on our "home", yours and mine. And
what is even more important to me is the question of what kind
of environmental legacy we will be leaving to our grandchildren
and future generations. When they look back at what we have
done, at the collective decisions for which we have been
responsible, will they be grateful- or will they be forced to
wallow in the mess and muck we have bequeathed to them?

The lower prices at the pump are nice; indeed, they are. But I
for one am willing to pay more if it means the protection of
our fragile environment, if it means that my grandchildren and
their children-and yours- will have a place of beauty and safety
with clean water and clean air in which to live and grow and thrive.
I believe that is my responsibility. I believe it is our collective
responsibility as citizens of this amazing world...which will
remain amazing only if we take its care and stewardship as both
a responsibility and a privilege. I'm willing to do my part. And you?

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