Monday, September 15, 2014

Paying Attention...

Two scenes from my travels today
play across the screen of my mind...
two scenes which were totally unrelated,
and yet occurred only two blocks apart
in my my travels...

The first- seeing Christmas paraphernalia
on display at a local craft store and being
completely discombobulated by its appearance
on this, September 15th, technically
still summertime, though autumn is making
brief forays into our weather these days.

The second- seeing two young men- brothers,
I imagine- exiting the AT&T store, hand in
hand...the elder- about 19 or 20, I speculate,
patiently and carefully guiding the younger-
perhaps fifteen or so- and clearly in the thrall of
some kind of mental or emotional problem...
arms gesticulating wildly, gait unsteady,
casting words out toward the not-there people
who apparently populate his world. Gently,
with obvious loving concern, oblivious of 
the looks or opinions of anyone else, the elder led
the younger to their car, talking quietly,
being who and what that beautiful, blond,
fragile boy needed- love in human flesh.

Perhaps that is why these two scenes seem
juxtaposed in my mind...the first, so oblivious
to the miracle of the God-Made-Flesh of Christmas,
focusing instead on the commercialization and
consumerism of this holiday...this once-holy day.
And the second, so clearly the enactment, the
embodiment of the ever-present love of God
made manifest in a jeans-and-t-shirt-clad youth
holding the hand of his not-quite-whole
brother with total focus and concentration
and compassion, his face filled with love.

Captivated, I watched from my car as I
waited for the light to change, and it was only
when I heard the horn of the car behind me
that my attention was pulled reluctantly away
from the Holy Ground of that little moment...
God truly, fully present, reminding me to
pay attention.

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