Friday, May 9, 2014

Living at a Gentler Pace...

I enjoy having days which are active and full, days in which I feel I have
accomplished something, done something worthwhile. But the older I
get...though perhaps it is not truly age but wisdom- I can only hope...
the more I enjoy days which unfold at a gentler pace...unhurried and me time to notice and enjoy and appreciate the
world around and within me. 

The last two days have been like that...and I have been savoring them,
like the taste of honey on my tongue...listening to the songs of the
birds, watching the antics of the squirrels, hearing the sweet voices
and laughter of the children passing by. My eyes have been delighted
by the blossoming flowers in my yard and throughout the neighbor-
hood and my nose filled with the many and varied fragrances of spring,
sneezes and all. 

Writing notes and reading, listening to music on the HD radio and CD
player, watching the ever-changing moon...these are the activities
which have filled my days and evenings. Oh, yes,there has also been
laundry and ironing as I prepare to depart tomorrow morning for my
nephew's college graduation, but those things, too, were done at a
leisurely rush, no hurry, with lots of time for deep
breathing and day dreaming folded in along with the garments.

The several days ahead will be busy ones: driving, visiting, sharing
time with some of those I hold very dear. But right now, I'm sitting on
the screened porch, listening to the rain, and smelling its freshness...
and my heart is overflowing with thankfulness- for life, for those I
love, for my home, for my health, for laughter and tears, for music,
for the ability to wonder and revel in the mystery of it all.
               Thanks be to God.

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