Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR


happy new year

With hope into the new year,

Energy and experiences
So that with

Daring courage,
Awareness will enlighten and inform
Your path. Happy 2013!

new year's intentions
may i walk into this day with a
sense of expectation,
           of awareness,
           of excitement & awe.

may i carry with me the gifts of
         hope & peace & blessing,
         to welcome each person I meet
         with the sense of greeting a
         fellow-traveler with whom I
         will share the journey for
         a short while.

may i surround and fill each word
i speak with love & acceptance,
         aware at every moment that
         I am part of creating peace
         or disharmony in this world. happy new year, one & all!

2013...a new year

The first day of
whatever remains-
what lies ahead
is the fog-shrouded

    tentative steps
    daring stride?

i hold the light of
hope and courage
to light my way,
determined to
live fully, to
freely live-
and love
with head held high
and shoulders back,
i boldly walk
into the dark,

a song of joy
emerging from my
smiling lips,
as with overflowing heart
i welcome
the New Year

Dear ones, far and near, I wish you a Happy New Year. May 2013 be filled with both hope and joy, with both creativity and peace. May you recognize in each day the opportunity to re-shape and re-make this world we inhabit, aware of our connectedness with one another and with all created things. And may you be blessed to be a blessing. Love, Linda

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