Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Wintry Sunday Morning...

Thoughts on a wintry Sunday morning

And suddenly

Winter is here

The near-full moon rising

Casting light upon trees

Bereft of their leaves

Benevolent feeders offer

Succulence and sustenance

To the birds of the air

And walkers on the street

Pass by bundled in ways

Unseen and unimagined

Only a few short days ago

While on other streets and byways

Those without shelter huddle

Neath overpasses, pulling

Their meager garments tightly

Around shivering bodies

Hoping the wintry weather

Will be short-lived

And here I sit- warm and well-fed

Risen after resting in a downy bed

The whys and hows of destiny

As much a mystery as ever

But certain that I needs must

Grant Gratitude a permanent place

In my heart and life

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