Thursday, September 6, 2012

Morning Thoughts in the Evening...


Respiration Meditation
Breathing in,
     I am filled with hope.
Breathing out,
     I let go of suffering.
Breathing in,
     I invite healing.
Breathing out,
     I dwell in peace.
Peace enters
Conflict leaves
Healing fills
Love goes forth
In          out
Deep      true
Love rides my breath
Hope fills my heart
Healing fills my body
Peace blesses my life
The holiness of the breath
Brings me fully into
This new day.

Morning blessing
May this day be filled
        with light
May this day be filled
        with hope
May compassion fill
        my heart
and wisdom fill
        my mind
May wonder fill
        my eyes
and harmony fill
        my ears
May the path I walk be filled
        with true companions
May every moment's joy fill
        my awareness with wonder
        at the amazing gift of
        just being alive
May this day be blessed
        as I walk on Holy Ground.

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