Thursday, May 10, 2012

Immersed in Words...

"In the beginning was the Word..."
"In the beginning...God said..."
The Gospel of John reflecting back on the words of Genesis, valuing and venerating words...the spoken and the written and the lived out. And for all my life, I have been a "word" person...a reader and writer and speaker and singer, relishing and cherishing words, the delicious taste of them in my mouth and oozing from my pen; valuing highly the gift of the use of language.

Words surround me in stacks of books and shelves of books and DVDs, in my journals and volumes of poetry, both read and written. But it has only been in recent years that I have begun to surround myself with words in other ways: wearing jewelry which "speaks", bearing words of encouragement and strength and power, as well as filling my living space with words which enlighten and inspire...
yet another way in which the Word is fleshed out.

And in this way, the phrase, "the Living Word" has taken on new meaning, as has the notion of Divinity as that in which I live and move and have my being. Now, quite literally, I find myself immersed in and surrounded by words...words which take on life
in the ways in which they fill me, breathe into me, guide and direct me, encourage and enliven me.

Now, I realize that this would not be everyone's way, but I have found, continue to find, that living with words which I see as well as is just one more way I am reminded of the many-faceted God of creation and creativity, and I celebrate the Word made visible, the Word enfleshed by artists and craftspersons, as well as the Word expressed i my own pen. And I marvel at the wonderful, mysterious ways in which God appears, invokes, invites- if we but take the time, give the attention, to notice and hear and truly listen.

The dining room wall

My sunny study

Above the dining room windows

The living room settee

On the hearth- a reminder

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