Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Greetings...from My Heart to Yours

dear friends and family, far and near. As the year draws to a close, as the natural world here in North Carolina prepares itself for winter’s restorative rest, as the days grow shorter and the path of the sun moves to the southern sky, I am thinking of each and all of you with much love and warm memories.

A five-week journey to East Africa accompanied by my dear friend, Mae Miner, working with the founder of The Nyanya Project, Mary Martin Niepold, in behalf of African grandmothers, was the high point of my year…a different kind of ministry.
Daily life has been filled with the joy of spending time with my children and the grands (Lindsay, 23; Felicia, 15; Jack & Jamie, 12; Callie, 10; Nickolis, 9; Mattie, 7; Jannie, 6; and Rollin, 3); lunching with friends or entertaining friends here (I still LOVE to cook for company); being part of a wonderful monthly women’s discussion group, Fresh Bread; serving The Arbor Lutheran Church as interim pastor; practicing yoga in a Prayerful Yoga class weekly; keeping up with my blog, ; and reading, reading, reading (80 books so far this year).

And recently, out of the blue, a new job came my way, Chaplain at the Lutheran Home in Winston-Salem, NC, caring for both residents and staff for twenty hours each week…God calling me in new directions, opening new doors, challenging me to take a risk and step out in faith.

As I look toward 2012 and my seventieth birthday (I know, I have a hard time believing it, too), I am increasingly thankful for good health, the continual blessing of a sharp intellect, un-waning curiosity, and an ever-widening faith perspective.

May your holiday be filled with peace & joy. May your new year be graced with wisdom & courage. May you know the blessing of family & friends & faith. And may you know that you are loved.

Love, Linda

thin places
“Thin places”, according to the Celts,
are where the world of here & now
rubs close to the eternal…where
visible & invisible worlds come into
near proximity…thresholds to
      divinity in our human world.
Christmas celebrates
the thin place that is
                the Christ…
     the flesh of Jesus of Nazareth
     as the conduit for the Spirit
      of the Divine to become manifest
      fully & completely-
inviting each & all of us to become
     thin places for one another…
God fleshed out again & again &
      yet again in us…
divinity shining through
humanity, manifest in
     who & how we are to one another…
                                  to our planet…
                                  to the least of these,
     as we kneel at the manger…
     as we live in our world.

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